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Artisan ~ Fresh ~ Handmade Dumplings
Restaurant Hours:
Tuesday - Sunday
We are located inside Knights Inn Hotel, next to the pool.
Free parking is available in any of the hotels parking lots.

When we say “we do dumplings” most people only know a few types, yet there are over 130 variations of dumplings globally! Since the first dumpling over 1,800 years ago, people have been wrapping edible goodness. ​​The Traditional Art of handcrafted dumpling is being lost to modern machinery. Our Mission is to slow this process – one dumpling at a time. ​​We use the time-honored method of handcrafting each piece while ensuring our sourcing of ingredients are top quality, purchased at optimum freshness and the most eco-friendly way. We care for sustainable and natural ingredients. For example, our flour is traditionally milled, unbleached and unadulterated. Hand crafted with care and expertise. Our dumplings are the ultimate comfort food bringing people together for your dining pleasure.